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Essential work tool enabling faster, easier, and more effective communication.

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About Axtel Phones

Irrespective of technological changes, IP phones remain an essential work tool enabling faster, easier, and more effective communication.

Having that in mind, we decided to introduce a Professional Line of IP Phones, which with their functionality, quality of sound and reliability will ensure the highest standards of communication in every office.


Every year Axtel opens new offices across the world and establishes cooperation with local partners, which allows our brand to explore thoroughly the needs of our Clients, as well as increase availability of products in a given market.


Configuration is often a long and tedious process with other competing IP phones. Axtel has an optional application for provisioning to help our clients facilitate faster configurations. In fact, you can uniformly configure multiple phones automatically with auto provision through your choice of RTP,HTTP, HTTPS, and PnP on any Axtel IP phone. Consider it a kind gesture that many competitors forgot to include.


Having a one-of-a-kind VoIP phone is crucial for today’s busy professionals. Our phones offer two key customization features. Each Axtel IP phone has large display that is customizable for each user by using XML technology. Creating a phone display specific to our client’s needs, as well as the user. The customizable user interface of the phone is enhanced with ergonomic customization capabilities: Axtel phones offer two distinct tilt degrees of the phone base.

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