Axtel Hello

Meet Axtel Hello! Our latest webcam
now with support for Windows Hello.

The Axtel One is a headset perfect for the office, home, and anywhere you need to quiet down and listen to music or focus on a meeting with a client.


You are the password!

With Axtel Hello you can forget about typing your password as biometric log-in is performed in the blink of an eye, faster than typing any password. Easily log in in a public place without worrying that your password might be at risk. You will quickly log in to a multi-account system.

Support for Windows Hello

From now on, you can use the webcam for more than just meetings, Axtel Hello is a 2 in 1: a webcam with great video quality and a fast and secure biometric login on Windows.

Advanced system 

The Axtel Hello camera is an advanced system of two cameras, an infrared illuminator and a microphone:

  • Full HD camera and a microphone with a range of up to 5 metres are used for videoconference calls
  • The infrared camera and infrared illuminator are at the heart of the 3D face recognition system

Windows Hello
Face Recognition

secure login with facial
recognition technology



advanced features for echo
cancellation, noise suppression,
and automatic gain control

Full HD


clear and smooth video
in full HD resolution

Home Office


suitable for online meetings,
vlogging, streaming,
and online teaching



built-in privacy cover
that can block the lens
when not in use

Low Light


automatically adjust the
brightness and color in
low light conditions

Built-in digital


pick up voice within
5 meters

Type C

plug and play without any
driver installation

How does Axtel Hello identify me?

An infrared illuminator generates a pattern on the user’s face that is invisible to the human eye, allowing the infrared camera and microprocessor to generate a high-resolution 3D scan of the face. The biometric data is securely stored and compared every time the user logs in. The face scanning technology in Axtel Hello makes it impossible to fool the system with a photo or even a very similar face. Additionally, by operating the entire system in the spectrum of invisible infrared light, biometric logins work 
even in very dark rooms.

The Windows Hello face login service is compatible 
with Windows version 10 or higher.

infrared camera

infrared illuminator

HD camera

indicator light

privacy cover



HD camera

Infrared camera

Privacy cover

Indicator light

Technical data

Resolution: 1080p@30fps (16:9 format) • 720p@30fps (16:9 format)
Frames per second: 30 fps
Field of View: 90°
Focus: Fixed Focus • Auto Focus
Microphone: 1 element with noise reduction, 5 m voice pick-up
Sensor: 2 MP,1/2.9″HD color CMOS with IR sensor
Focal length: 2.9″
Plug&Play: Yes
Connection: USB-C (USB-C / USB-A cable included)
Privacy shutter: Built-in privacy shutter
Additional featuresl: Windows Hello • AEC, ANS, AGC algorithms for noise reduction