Axtel wired headsets

Our headsets are the ideal solution for those who value comfort and functionality. Their lightweight but robust design ensures not only durability but also comfort during long use. A flexible microphone with advanced noise cancellation ensures crystal-clear sound, while the illuminated USB remote control with Audio button gives you the ability to easily select acoustic parameters to match your music.

Plug&Play technology allows the unit to start up immediately without the need to install additional drivers. In addition, Automatic Gain Control automatically adjusts the volume level, designed to maintain a constant output sound level regardless of the input signal level.

Our headsets are manufactured in the EU, with the highest quality materials, making them durable and reliable. All these features make our headsets the ideal solution for those who value quality and comfort.

Wired headsets

AxTel’s wired headphone range can be divided into wired and wireless headsets. Wired headsets can be divided into USB headsets, USB-C headsets, mini jack headsets and mono and duo headsets, depending on the number of earcups. The advantage of wired headsets is that they do not require charging. In our range, all models have a high-quality built-in microphone, ensuring communication at its best. So whether you need our headsets to work on a call centre, or to talk on skype, or simply to play computer games, they are made for you.
Wired headsets should first and foremost meet your requirements. We, with our many years of experience in the production of headsets for call canter or conferences, are able to provide products of the highest quality. So when you choose your model from AxTel, you can be sure you are getting a product of the highest standards.